Robert Stephen cover
Drop, Drop, Slow Tears

  1. Flow My Teares
  2. The Silver Swan
  3. Have You Seen but a White Lily Grow?
  4. My Lord Wiloughby's Welcome Home
  5. Sing a Song of Joy
  6. Never Weather-Beaten Sail
  7. Fain would I change that note
  8. Packington's Pound
  9. When to her Lute Corinna Sings
  10. His Golden Locks
  11. Sorrow, Sorrow, Stay
  12. Sinkapace, Galliard
  13. Of All the Birds
  14. In Sherwood Lived Stout Robin Hood
  15. Drop, Drop, Slow Tears
  16. Pavan
  17. The Three Ravens
Robert Stephen
Robert Stephen
Robert Stephen was formerly Head Chorister at St. George's, Windsor Castle. He writes: "I became a chorister at the age of seven; at my voice trial, when I was asked what I would play if I didn't play the cello, I replied 'football' (and couldn't understand why everyone laughed.) Sport is important to me.

"As a chorister for five years, and Head Chorister in my last year, my time has been filled by the daily Evensongs and three services on Sundays. But there have been solo opportunities too - I made my debut at the Wigmore Hall at the age of nine, sang the Pie Jesu from Faure's Requiem at the Waterloo Chamber as part of the Windsor Festival, and have been soloist at the Barbican and at Guildford Cathedral (Chichester Psalms). I also play three instruments (four including drums!), cello, piano and organ. I am now at the King's School, Canterbury as a Music Scholar and am looking forward to many more years of music and sport - perhaps culminating in a career as a cello-playing fly-half!"

Stewart McCoy has a diploma in lute teaching from the Royal College of Music and a Master's degree in Historical Musicology from King's College, London. As a lutenist he has performed in Russia, the Baltic States, Czech Republic, USA, Australia and Austria. For a season he was lutenist for the Royal Shakespeare Company in Stratford, and has taken part in recordings of Christmas music with Emma Kirkby and of songs for Shakespeare's plays with Lorin Wey (Tadpole Music).

For many years Stewart has been a regular tutor at the Norvis Summer School in Durham and on courses run by the English Lute Society. He has been co-ordinator of the Cert HE Early Music course at Birmingham University. Stewart has contributed articles to 'Early Music' and 'The Lute' and has edited music for the Viola da Gamba Society, the Lute Society and Fretwork Editions.