Max Riebl cover
Little Sir William

  1. Die Forelle (Schubert)
  2. Heidenröslein (Schubert)
  3. Der Sandmann (Schumann)
  4. Zigeunerliedchen 2 (Schumann)
  5. Zigeunerliedchen 1 (Schumann)
  6. Frühlingslied (Schumann)
  7. Schneeglöckchen (Schumann)
  8. Frühlingsgrüß (Schumann)
  9. Der Nußbaum (Schumann)
  10. Geh! du sagst mir eine Fabel (Mozart)
  11. Das Veilchen (Mozart)
  12. Five Eyes (Gibbs)
  13. Silver (Gibbs)
  14. El Capitan-General (Brumby)
  15. A Gray Day (Brumby)
  16. Little Sir William (arr. Britten)
  17. Sweet Polly Oliver (arr. Britten)
  18. The Salley Gardens (Britten)
  19. Oliver Cromwell (arr. Britten)
  20. New Year carol (arr. Britten)
  21. The Birds (Britten)
  22. Corpus Christi Carol (Britten)
Max Riebl
Max Riebl
Max Riebl was born into a musical family in Melbourne, Australia, Max showed an ability to sing and perform theatrically from an early age. He sang with the Melbourne Grammar School Chapel Choir, under Philip Carmody, and performed theatrical roles including Gavroche in Les Miserables. Concert work included The Youth in Mendelssohn's Elijah with the Royal Melbourne Philharmonic Choir and Orchestra. In a completely different idiom he sang and played trumpet on the second album of his brother's band The Cat Empire.

Rosie Riebl was born on April 12, 1989 in Melbourne, Australia. She has recently returned from studying in Vienna where she attended the Music Gymnasium Wien (Music High school) as well as the University of Vienna where she studied with Heinz Medijmorec. During her stay she performed at the 'Schloss Mirabel' in Salzburg as well as the 'Bosendorfersaal' in Vienna, playing both solo and chamber works. Currently she studies with Rita Reichman in Melbourne. Rosie accompanies Max on tracks 1-7 as well as 10, 11, 14, 15, 16, 17 and 19-22.

Mira Jakopanetz was originally from Belgrade, and received her Bachelor of Music Degree from that city's Academy for Music, winning first prize for best student. Before migrating to Australia, Mira held the position of Head of Piano at the School of Music, Zagreb. After performing extensively since the age of 15 as a soloist and chamber musician, Mira is currently Head of Keyboard at Melbourne Grammar School, as well as teaching at Monash University. She accompanies Max on tracks 8, 9, 12, 13 and 18.